Gary Dupape

Tony from Blacktop Magazine interviews Gary about his 40+ years in the motorcycle industry.


A high-speed wobble in 1976 ended with a crash was the result of loose spokes. At the time most motorcycle shops did not want to work on wheels. Gary and his buddy Dave picked up a wheel lacing tool and started helping their buddies by truing up their wheels. Finding a niche in the market Gary got out of the shampoo business and opened Wheel Works. Gary’s been riding since 1969 and has fond memories of those days when riding a bike was on the fringe of society. It was somewhat rare to see a bike, and when they rolled into a town they didn’t know if they would have the doors slammed in their faces or opened widely. Gary is the treasurer/secretary of the shop and true’s up Dave’s lace jobs. When not in the shop or at an event Gary prefers to go on a ride and hang with his family.